Thank you to all who donated to the Save the Heart of Savary campaign. We reached our goal with pledges and donations of $3.5 million plus an endowment for future land management.

The Friends of Savary have removed subjects on the purchase agreement of District Lot 1375 and Lots 35 and 36, and we’re quickly moving towards the closing date of May 30th.

We’d now ask everyone who pledged a commitment towards the campaign to connect with either Liz Webster or Deborah Kennedy at The Nature Trust of BC to coordinate delivery of your donation.

WAYS TO DONATE to the Nature Trust of British Columbia:

Cheques are to be made out and mailed to: The Nature Trust of BC #260–1000 Roosevelt Crescent, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3R4 Designate: Save the Heart of Savary

* If you’d like your cheque to be picked up by courier, please contact Liz Webster.

Credit Card Payment or Transfer of Securities

Call Deborah Kennedy at The Nature Trust of BC Tel: 604.924.9771 ext. 231 | Direct: 604.969.3249 | 1.866.288.7878 E. debkennedy@naturetrust.bc.ca

Deadline: All pledge commitments must be received no later than May 15th

Click here for a printable brochure containing the information above.

Following the close of the sale and the transfer of the land to The Nature Trust of BC, we will share a date in the Summer when we and The Nature Trust would like to acknowledge all our donors at a celebratory event.

Thank you again for coming together as a community and protecting this ecologically sensitive area of the island.


Together, we saved the Heart of the Island, DL 1375, and protect 350 acres from subdivision.

Savary is one of the most ecologically sensitive of all the Islands in the Strait of Georgia, and yet it is under the most pressure from potential development.

Savary is subdivided into over 1,500 small lots giving it a lot density nine times greater than Bowen Island and 20 times greater than Denman Island. In the last 20 years, development has more than tripled on Savary making preservation of the remaining sensitive areas and greenspaces increasingly important.  

Together DL 1375 and Lots 35 and 36 comprise 350 acres of the last undivided tracts of land on Savary Island. These lots feature the greatest remaining example of dunes within the rare Coastal Douglas-Fir biogeoclimatic zone (CDF) and one of the best examples of coastal sand dunes in Canada.  The Heart of the Island is also home to some old forest greater than 250 years old and mature second growth forest greater than 80 years old; the area too holds the largest groundwater recharge zone on Savary.

With over 12,000 feet of waterfront and the only trail network on Savary Island, these 350 acres are a must to protect.

The land is currently owned 50% undivided interest by The Nature Trust of BC and 50% undivided interest by the Sahlin family. The Nature Trust of BC, with the support of the Savary Island Land Trust, have been negotiating with the Sahlin family over several years in the hopes of coming to an agreement whereby the parcel would be kept intact and free of development.

In December 2017, “Friends of Savary DL 1375”, a group comprised of Savary Islanders including Peter Armstrong, John O’Neill, and Kip Woodward, successfully secured an agreement to purchase the remaining land in DL 1375 from the Sahlin family.

To make this dream a reality, $3.5 million plus an endowment for future land management was needed.

SILT, together with the Friends of Savary 1375, are leading the Save the Heart of Savary campaign. The Nature Trust of BC will use the donations to purchase the Sahlin Family's 50% interest and to fund future land management.

As a community, we came together to help raise the rest.

Thank you for helping create a legacy for our children, now and forever.



Cheque, Credit Card or Securities FAQs

Who do I make out my cheque to? The Nature Trust of BC, #260–1000 Roosevelt Crescent, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3R4    FOR: Save the Heart of Savary Campaign

Can I donate by credit card? Yes, you can call The Nature Trust of BC toll free at 1-866-288-7878 and provide your credit card number.

Can I donate securities? Yes, you can donate publicly listed securities such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds to The Nature Trust of BC.

A form is available at www.naturetrust.bc.ca/our-givings/giftspublicly-listed-stocks or call toll free 1-866-288-7878 for more information.

What is the deadline to donate? Donations need to be received by March 30, 2018. The Nature Trust of BC will hold the donations in trust until the property transaction is completed.

Do I get a tax receipt and from whom? The Nature Trust of BC will issue tax receipts for funds received.

How much of my donation will be reimbursed to me as a tax credit? Your tax credit may entitle you to receive as much as 53% of your donation back at tax time. Calculate your tax credit here: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/tax-time/

Can I make my donation to SILT directly? Yes, SILT will transfer all direct donations for the Heart of the Island Campaign to the Nature Trust of BC. To donate via SILT directly, send cheques to: Savary Island Land Trust, Box 141, Lund, BC V0N 2G0

What happens if the last $750 000 doesn’t get raised by the deadline? Now is the time many have waited for, the time to think about all of our Savary memories, talk with our families and donate generously to the Island we all love so much.

If sufficient funds are not raised by the March 30th deadline, we may miss the opportunity to preserve this crucial land for future generations.

Will there be any permanent recognition of major contributors on either DL 1375 or the Island? Yes, SILT and Friends of Savary 1375 are working with The Nature Trust of BC on suitable recognition.

For more information, contact:

John O’Neill, Friends of Savary 1375 604 250 1651

Peter Armstrong, Friends of Savary 1375 604 606 7383

Liz Webster, SILT 604 414 7291

Deb Kennedy, The Nature Trust of BC 1 866 288 7878