Twenty-one years ago, a group of people came together from all parts of Savary to establish the Savary Island Land Trust.

Our successes are founded on the commitment of volunteers and donors.

1997 SILT Founding Members

Brendan Allen, Paula Butler, Darryl Duke, Norma Flawith, Sherwood Inglis, Rod Kirkham, Anna Linsley, Hartland MacDougall, Charles Pitts, Liz Webster, Carol Wong and Wynn Woodward

Current Board

Thea Cacchioni, Danielle Dalzell, Maegen Giltrow, Jennifer Greenwood, Colin Hartshorn, Phil Henderson, Paul Leighton, Tom Lightburn, Jon Mckinney, Melissa Noel and Wynn Woodward* (*longest serving board member)

Board Members who previously served SILT

Bronwyn Schoner, Carmen Cadrin, Trish Crawford, Karen Delorenzo, Patty Felch, Mary Gray, Christopher Harvey, Stephen Jeffery, Keith MacDougall, Lynn Price, Lenore Rowntree, Ed Wootten

Executive DIRECTOR

Liz Webster M.A. 
Box 141 Lund BC, V0N 2G0
Savary Phone: (604) 483-4743
Powell River Phone: (604) 414-0073